About The Yeshiva At IDT

Sharing space with the IDT Corporation for the last 12 years, overlooking the City of Newark and the Manhattan skyline, a select group of talmidim immerse themselves daily in limud haTorah while learning the most up-to-date skills for earning parnasah. Our talmidim dream not only about their future as husbands and fathers but about using their Jewish scholarship and business acumen for the benefit of the Jewish community. These bright, ambitious young men have gathered from the East Coast of the  USA, from Canada, the United  Kingdom and even Israel.

Our day begins with a full morning seder consisting of chavrusa and an array of advanced shiurim in gemara, halacha, and hashkafa with rebbeim well known for their vast knowledge of Torah, educational vision, warmth, sense of humor and ability to bring out the best in a talmid. During breaks, talmidim can visit the company cafeteria to enjoy a fine meal or join IDT employees in guest lectures by visiting world-famous rabbis and teachers speaking on a wide range of topics.

In the afternoon, classes shift gears as talmidim pursue their studies along different academic tracks. Degrees are awarded from Thomas Edison State College, lauded by The New York Times as “one of the brighter stars of higher learning.”

Our yeshiva has created a learning environment that fosters high expectations for achievement. We are committed to rigorous academic standards, faculty excellence, and responsive support services that enable talmidim to reach their full potential. These goals and standards have made our yeshiva program stand out as an excellent option for those serious talmidim interested in continuing a rigorous learning schedule while pursuing a quality college degree.